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Congenital Syphilis Cases in California - Fresno County

Summary of CDPH recommendations and expectations for Clinical Providers

Screen ALL pregnant women f or syphilis. The three (3) time points at which this is recommended are:

The majority of pregnant patients in Fresno County who have babies born with congenital

syphilis have inadequate or no prenatal care and many of them are seen in the Emergency Department at some point during their pregnancy. Emergency department (ED) providers should check syphilis status of all pregnant ED patients.

Read and download the Health Advisory Here:

Congenital syphilis advisory
Download PDF • 189KB

CS, Ranked Incidence Rates by County, CA, 2020
Download PDF • 618KB

CS, Case Counts and Incidence Rates by Race-Ethnicity of Mother, CA, 2020
Download PDF • 470KB

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