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Black woman smiling and holding her pregnant belly

Black Infant Health (BIH)

The BIH Program focuses exclusively on supporting Black and African American women by connecting them with the vital care and support needed to be healthy during and after pregnancy!

About BIH

For Black women, racism as well as social and economic stressors play a major role in poor birth outcomes—babies born too early and too small.


Within a culturally supportive environment, and honoring the unique history of Black women, California Black Infant Health (BIH) aims to help women have healthy babies.

Two black women smiling and hugging each other
About BIH

The California Black Infant Health (BIH) Program aims to improve health among Black mothers and babies by empowering pregnant and mothering Black women to make healthy choices for a brighter future.

  • Black or of Black ancestry

  • 16 years or older

  • Pregnant or up to six months postpartum at the time of enrollment regardless of income.

Sisterhood Group Sessions

BLACK Wellness & Prosperity Center is a County of Fresno BIH expansion site. Using the BIH framework, we implement a culturally affirming and evidence-informed care model. Participants of the BWPC Black Infant Health program meet, interact and build sisterhood with other Black women, on a weekly basis, for 10 sessions.


Group sessions are complemented with

client-centered life planning, goal setting and referrals to services for participants and their families. This powerful combination serves to help women enhance life skills, learn proven strategies to reduce stress and build social support. This approach not only supports current participants but future generations of Black women, infants and families.


Learn more about the California Black Infant Health Program.

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Meet Our Team! 

Desiree Miller

Desiree Miller loves seeing the growth and progression of her community. Originally from Inglewood, she always looks forward and aspires to see the growth in herself and the people around her. Fresno, California, became home in 2013 when she pursued a college education at Fresno State University. Her initial career pursuit was to be an academic as she believed it would be an avenue for change, but then she discovered the world of advocacy and policy. Desiree found that she is a natural advocate and motivator who loves to engage meaningfully around Black equity and social justice.

Ta-She-Ra Manning

Ta-She-Ra Manning was born and raised in Fresno California. She studied Community Health and Gerontology at CSU Fresno. She is extremely passionate about Black Maternal Health and the well-being of Black moms and babies. Ta-She-Ra is a mother of 5 children and had two very high risk pregnancies that could’ve resulted in both her and babies dying, had she not received much needed support from BLACK Wellness & Prosperity Center (BWPC) and it's partners. She now works actively with and for BWPC and the Black Infant Health Program to advocate and support for mothers and babies. She is passionate about providing this support so other moms won’t have to suffer from similar birthing experiences.

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Julie Bounchareune

Julie joined BWPC in March 2023. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications and Journalism, with an emphasis in Public Relations from California State University, Fresno. Prior to joining the BWPC team, Julie was a Project Manager for the Fresno GROWS Best Babies Zone (BBZ) Initiative working to improve birth outcomes in the African American community of West Fresno. In addition, Julie has worked as a Program Manager for emergency housing, where she directed all daily operations for emergency shelters and a dual COVID Isolation Unit. Julie also has several years of experience working with youth in advocacy and leadership development in the Fresno community.

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