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We are mothers, women, and birthing persons with unique needs and experiences. We are valuable human beings, and our needs matter.Your patient – Black Birthing Persons:

infographic showing Black pregnant mother and her child with additional text

This birth plan is based on a compilation of experiences, lessons learned, and desires voiced by Black mothers and women in Fresno. This plan is about standards and treating Black birthing persons with the dignity and respect they deserve, but have not traditionally received.

While providing care please be mindful of:

  • I might be showing signs and symptoms of high-risk pregnancy and preterm labor.

  • I am not just another case.

  • Not all birthing experiences will be the same.

  • A previously used technique may not work for me.

  • Disrespectful and suboptimal care can traumatize me and affect me throughout the life course.

  • I want to be heard and respected, especially when I say that something is not right with my body.

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