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The birth stories were shared voluntarily by women from the community through a community call,  with an option to remain anonymous. 

Thank you for the women who volunteered to share their stories and raise awareness of Black maternal and infant health outcomes in CA. 


Visualization: Ashanti Gardner Visual Artist.


As a sign of respect, please do not download or copy visualized birth stories. Prior to any public sharing, please contact us at and obtain permission to distribute.  


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Infographic titled "Everything is Fine" with additional text


Amya Brooks is born and raised in Fresno and a mother of one. Amya led the development of the BLACK Birth Framework/Birth Plan, drawing from her own birth experience and insights from other mothers in the community. Amya is a talented and dedicated community member and a former BWPC colleague. 


Infographic titled "Planning for Pregnancy" with additional text



Monica Nelson is a Community Health Advocate with a large passion in holistic approaches to ensure that all avenues of her wellness is maintained. Through her early involvement in athletics, she has observed many practices to listen to her body and age gracefully with new knowledge among health trends overtime. She is committed to serving her community while honoring her need for self-care and is currently in the beginning stages of family planning.


This opportunity to support the BHMW program has allowed her to lead by example and work diligently to establish the best possible birth outcomes by feeling supported in her journey to motherhood and continuing to learn from the experience of influential Black women, doulas, community advocates and healthcare professionals. Monica holds a Bachelor of Science from Howard University in Washington D.C. and Master of Arts in Psychology from National University in San Diego, CA.  

OUR BIRTH STORY 2019 -2020

Infographic titled "Sabrina and Destiny Birth Story 2019-2020" with additional text


Sabrina Beavers is originally a native of Bakersfield, CA. Upon her graduation from high school in 2001,
she moved to Fresno to attend California State University, Fresno. Sabrina graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Health Science with an option in Community Health and currently works as a Certified Health Education Specialist for the local Department of Public Health.

As a Family Health Advocate, Group Facilitator, and Community Outreach Liaison for the Black Infant Health
Program, she actively works to bring awareness to adverse birth outcomes in the African American
community and helps provide support to the ladies who participate. She is an African American woman, who herself
recently had an adverse birth outcome.

Sabrina delivered a beautiful baby girl preterm on March 29, 2019, 5 weeks before her May 1st due date.
Sabrina had all the resources and support imaginable, yet still had the experience of being discharged
home, no longer pregnant, while her baby was left behind to spend time in the NICU. Sabrina's personal experience has helped her use her voice to advocate on behalf of the mothers she serves and navigate them through the foreign experience of giving birth preterm, while having a newborn in the NICU.


Infographic titled "My Stay at the Hospital" with additional text


Infographic titled "Listen" with additional text


Nia Hodge is a Fresno native, experiencing most of her life in Southwest Fresno. She is a mother, grandmother and an active community voice. Nia is an entrepreneur and a BLACK Wellness & Prosperity Center Community Advisory Council Member. She shares her own story and the tragic loss of her beloved child, Allenique, and granddaughter, Rhikki.

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