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What does preterm birth and low birth weight mean? Babies born too early (preterm birth)- delivered before 37 weeks and babies born too small (low birth weight) 5.5 lbs are more likely to die before their first birthday. Exposure to air pollution has been identified as a significant cause of both preterm birth and low birth weight

What Black pregnant mamas need to know about air pollution and preterm birth.

Air pollution is linked to experiencing preterm birth and delivering a low birth weight baby. Every year, air pollution attributes to about 16,000 babies born too early in the U.S.

How does air pollution increase the risk of preterm birth? Increased levels of toxic chemicals in the blood can cause immune system stress, weakening the placenta surrounding the baby and leading to preterm birth. Pollutants and particulate matter contribute to the risk for preterm birth by altering the gestational age at birth.

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