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group of women hugging each other

We Stand with Women

“Listen to Me. I am the Expert on My Body.”

BLACK Wellness & Prosperity Center believes that women have a fundamental right to be the sole decision-making authority over their bodies and their healthcare. We are deeply concerned with the radical changes unfolding in our nation as an increasing number of women have or will lose the right to access reproductive healthcare. With the expected decision that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe V. Wade, we know that even more women will lose access, putting their lives and health at risk.

Women are the experts on their body. Women know what they need. Every woman should receive ALL information and education to make an informed decision that is best for themselves and their families. All women deserve access to safe family planning options. When women’s rights are limited, society suffers as a whole. When women thrive, society thrives. The most effective remedy for these freedom-limiting laws at the state level is enshrining the right to choose in our state constitution. BWPC is proud that the California administration is already in process of drafting an amendment for the right to choose in CA.

There is no doubt that this decision will be detrimental to ALL women’s reproductive health and well-being. For these reasons, BWPC raises their voice and invites YOU to do the same.

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