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BLACK WOMEN LIKE YOURSELF CARRY THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD ON THEIR SHOULDERS. Black women are often the problem-solvers, educators, nurturers, and primary sources of income in their families-- they are the key pillars of support for extended families. Attending many roles is stressful, and Black women can experience chronic stress from their early childhood.

pink and white infographic titled "Pregnancy and Stress" with Black woman looking out of window and additional text

SIGNS OF NEGATIVE STRESS: You feel overwhelmed and worried rather than positive. Stress can make you feel anxious, bad, or have physical symptoms that make it difficult to feel comfortable or well-rested.

Experiencing implicit bias, racism, and preventable negative birth outcomes increases the stress Black women and babies experience during pregnancy. Negative and high-level stress can increase the chances of preterm birth – (birth before 37 weeks of pregnancy), which is the leading cause of infant mortality.

During pregnancy, new triggers can make you feel more worried. These things can include:

  • Physical discomforts of pregnancy

  • Hormonal changes that can lead to sudden changes in your mood and feelings

  • Finances and other responsibilities

  • Previous birth outcomes and past traumatic events

Learn more about managing stress during pregnancy here

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