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Find the full report here

Black mother holding her pregnant belly

MCAH collaborated with UCSF and community partners to develop this report as part of California’s commitment to reducing racial inequities.

On behalf of BLACK Wellness & Prosperity Center, Shantay would like to personally thank her sisters and the partner organizations who tirelessly committed their time, experiences, and expertise to inform this report.

Special thanks to Black Women for Wellness who played a central role in convening the Advisory Group and advocating on our behalf. Thanks Jan & Kim!

Key Findings:

  • Black birthing people in California are three to four times more likely to die of pregnancy-related causes than other racial and ethnic groups.

  • The rate of life-threatening childbirth complications is highest among Black women.

  • The preterm birth rate among Black infants did not improve between 2011 and 2019.

  • Black infants are twice as likely as other infants to die before their first birthday.

  • The report links structural racism to health in three ways: 1) Neighborhood conditions that are influenced by discriminatory policies,1-23 2) chronic stress created by racism and racist policies,4-56 and 3) lack of access to high-quality, respectful health care.7-89

Find the full report here

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