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BLACK Wellness & Prosperity Center was highlighted in Together Toward Health's evaluation brief outlining key findings from the work accomplished by the TTH initiative between December 2020 and January 2022. We are quoted below:

“The most impacted communities don't actually always get served because maybe they weren't the representative group in terms of size. So what I appreciated was [TTH's] willingness to be so specific…understanding that different race ethnicities…so many cultural nuances that have to be addressed, and that the only way, really, to be targeted is to willing to call that out and say it, and say, we want you to focus on the African-American population… [TTH] were willing to be laser-focused on specific impacted populations.” – CBO (P 11)


"Together Toward Health continues to play a vital role in the COVID-19 response. TTH was originally designed to provide funding through November 2021, with the hope that by then, the pandemic would be coming to an end. At the end of 2021, however the pandemic was far from over. COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations were rapidly increasing due to the Delta and Omicron variants, vaccination rates continued to be low in many communities, and residents needed information about how to access boosters, as well a newly approved vaccine for children ages 5-11.

Given these ongoing needs, TTH was able to bring in additional funding that has allowed strategic funding to continue for core organizations where the needs remain the greatest. Currently, TTH continues to administer awards for 136 organizations in Northern, Central and Southern California to ensure ongoing support in those communities. As TTH continues, the evaluation team will develop additional report briefs that delve further into the themes discussed in this report, as well as highlight successes and challenges of the ongoing work." (P 15)

Read the brief here:

TTH Evaluation Report April 2022
Download PDF • 2.00MB

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