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Discuss these questions with your provider to experience a healthier pregnancy.

  1. How frequently will I need to see a doctor?

  2. What are hemorrhoids and will everyone get it?

  3. How much and what type of exercise can I do while pregnant?

  4. Can I get my period while I'm pregnant?

  5. When is weight loss normal?

  6. Is bleeding normal during pregnancy? Should I be concerned about it?

  7. Can I get my hair dyed or permed during pregnancy?

  8. How important is it that I take my prenatal vitamins?

  9. Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

  10. What is breast engorgement?

  11. What urinary problems can I have during pregnancy?

  12. How do I know that if I am having contractions?

  13. How do I count the kicks of my babies?

  14. How do I deal with constipations during pregnancy?

  15. Does preexisting conditions impact pregnancy and delivery?

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