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Black woman with her Black healthcare provider


Black Infant Health (BIH)

The BIH Program focuses exclusively on supporting Black and African American women by connecting them with the vital care and social support needed during and after pregnancy

What is BIH? 

BLACK Wellness & Prosperity Center is a Black Infant Health (BIH) expansion site in the County of Fresno. The BIH program aims to improve Black maternal and infant health outcomes by connecting Black birthing persons with vital prenatal and postpartum care and support.

English - Inglés

Participant Outcomes

BIH participants report success in:

  • forming a parent-infant bond through breastfeeding 

  • learning/sharing coping skills

  • learning/implementing safe-sleep practices

  • improved social support

  • feeling more educated and prepared during their pregnancy and postpartum journey 

  • identifying personal strengths

  • feeling better equipped to advocate for themselves

Spanish  - Español

What do the 10 group 
sessions involve?

Using the BIH framework, we implement a culturally affirming and evidence-informed care model. Participants of the BWPC Black Infant Health program meet, interact and build sisterhood with other Black women, on a weekly basis, for 10 sessions.

Group sessions are complemented with

client-centered life planning, goal setting and referrals to services for participants and their families. In addition, participants receive BLACK Wellness and Prosperity Center prenatal, postpartum and newborn care education. Topics include: anemia, preterm birth, gestational diabetes, Safer Sleep, preeclampsia, fetal development, breastfeeding and placenta health.


This powerful combination serves to help women enhance life skills, learn proven strategies to reduce stress and build social support. Our approach not only supports current participants but future generations of Black women, infants and families.

Need more information? 


document titled "Placenta Health" with additional text


  • Self-identify as Black / African American 

  • 16 years or older

  • Pregnant or up to six months postpartum at the time of enrollment

  • May receive services until infant is 1 year of age

  • The BIH program was developed for ALL Black women regardless of income or education

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