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Danielle Cobb


Danielle Cobb

My name is Danielle and I’m a doula at the BLACK Wellness and Prosperity Center, and I'm here to help pregnant moms and pregnant birthing people before, during, and after their pregnancy. It is very important to get any type of assistance and support you can during your pregnancy. This is especially for black women because black women have high rates of preterm births, low birth weights, and low rates of breastfeeding. Having a doula by your side is highly recommended so we can change those numbers. By having me as your doula I will be able to provide you with emotional and physical support and education and resources. This is very important in Fresno because when I was pregnant I did not have that support. I did not have anybody to talk to and had to keep things to myself. And I am here as a doula to help change this.

I'm going to be here to help empower you and encourage you to speak up for yourself. When I’m your doula you can reach out to me for support through a text message, a phone call, monthly meetings, to help you with anything you need. If you have questions about gestational diabetes, the glucose test, if you have questions about breastfeeding I’m here. If you have any questions about doing yoga which is something I love or eating healthy I am here as your doula to support you. At BLACK Wellness & Prosperity Center there are many doulas you can choose and find one that works best for you. The most important thing is about keeping you and your baby healthy and that is what we are all here for to help you do just that!

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