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Starr Gaines-Glynn


Starr Gaines-Glynn

My Mission as a Doula is to: L.E.A.D.S. H.E.R. This acronym stands for

Lead: a God centered life around the principles integrity, excellence, service to others, and trustworthiness.

Empower/Encourage: the birthing person through affirmations that allows them to remember, they are important, they are strong, they were made for this, and their voice matters.

Advocate: for the needs, wants, best interest and safety of the birthing person.

Dedicate: My time, knowledge and selfless being, to the needs of the birthing person.

Support: the needs of the birthing person as a whole, including: body, mind and spirit.

Humble: I promise to humble myself and remember each birthing experience is unique and experienced differently by each birthing person.

Educate: I promise to identify any Educational gaps regarding the pregnancy and birthing process, and provide the safest and most up to date information available.

Resourceful: I promise to provide and inform of community resources that are beneficial to the birthing person.

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