Two scholarships have been established in honor of Shantay's mother Sandra Douglas. Sandra died of a preventable breast cancer in her early 40's, igniting the fire for Shantay to advocate for those who may not have a voice when it comes to their medical care.

Fresno City College

Medical Science Laboratory_ Portrait of Beautiful Black Scientist Looking Under Microscope

Preference will be given to African American students but, open to all students who meet one or all of the following desired characteristics: first generation, current or former teen parent, formerly incarcerated, former foster youth, or has a documented mental health condition. Someone who demonstrates resilience and persistence to succeed and a commitment to serve the African American Community in Fresno County. Consideration will also be given to a student who is interested in African American maternal/infant mortality and premature birth.

Fresno Pacific University

This scholarship is purposed to support African American Students' academic success. All applicants are required to submit a 500-word essay that demonstrates aptitude, desire, commitment, and tenacious desire to succeed.

Laboratory Scientist