• BLACK Wellness & Prosperity Center designed mammas & babies COVID-19 posters for Community Regional Medical Center and were placed in four different areas of the hospital including the labor/delivery. The poster information was tested in clinics and approved by Fresno County Public Health Department. The Fresno Madera Medical Society is working to disseminate the information to OB/GYN clinics. 

  • United Way of Fresno Madera Counties has brought on BLACK Wellness & Prosperity Center to design and lead a COVID-19 text campaign. Multiple specialized populations will be addressed in this campaign, including the Black community.

  • BLACK Wellness & Prosperity Center will also launch a COVID-19 text campaign specific to the Black community. If your organization have a contact database that includes mobile phone numbers? Please email them

  • Myrick from of Mad Illustrators and BLACK Wellness & Prosperity Center are partnering on a sign campaign for the Black community. Launching with 10 signs in concentrated areas. Size: 4'x6' and 4'x8.' We have buy-in from the City Council to ensure we do not have "interruption" of our campaign. 

  • We love t-shirts! BLACK Wellness & Prosperity Center is repurposing the 100 t-shirts originally purchased for Black Maternal Health Week to include Black Maternal Health verbiage on the front and a COVID-19 message on the back. We hope you all wear these FREE t-shirts proudly.


Intimate partner violence increases during pregnancy and in Fresno County, the overall rate of intimate partner violence is 8%.

  • For Black women, it's 15.2%. Increase in intimate partner violence thought to be due to the severe stress and impacts of COVID-19 has already increased for Fresno County.

  • Black social workers expect Black child abuse to increase as well.

  • BLACK Wellness & Prosperity Center is working with the CEO of the Black California Health Project to find a solution. Have some thoughts about what's needed? Please email them

In the Media

"Shantay Balch of the B.L.A.C.K. Wellness and Prosperity Center says community advocacy groups are seeing a daily increase in requests for basic supplies, including diapers..."

Mothers also worry about shortages of beds and medical staff, according to Shantay Davies-Balch, president and chief executive officer for the Black Wellness and Prosperity Center. Davies-Balch’s organization was one of several groups that recently added their names to a letter to Gov. Newsom, detailing their concerns over the pandemic’s effect on maternity ward resources.

“Women were really just starting to feel fearful of having their babies in the hospital,” Davies-Balch said.


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