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High blood pressure is a condition when the blood flowing through your veins is consistently high and puts increased pressure on the walls of your arteries. If your blood pressure is high, your heart needs to work harder to support your body and organs.

Black women disproportionately experience hypertension, and it can cause problems during and after pregnancy. It is important to have your blood pressure checked during your doctor’s visit, know your normal blood pressure, and follow your doctor’s recommendation.

How do you know if you have high blood pressure? It may be difficult to determine if you have high blood pressure, because it may not have signs or symptoms. That’s why regularly checking your blood pressure is a good way to determine if you have high blood.

How to interpret your results? Blood pressure results are given using the following format systolic/diastolic (for example, 120/80). The top number is the systolic reading. It is the pressure in your arteries when your heartbeats. SYSTOLIC 120 80 DIASTOLIC The bottom number or, diastolic pressure, is the pressure when your heart relaxes between two beats.

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