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group of men and women with woman in the middle holding a large check

Access Plus Capital (APC), a leading provider of financing solutions for small businesses in Fresno, CA, partnered with the BLACK Wellness & Prosperity Center (BWPC) to host an event on June 20, 2024. This event spotlighted the transformative impact of contract financing on the growth of small businesses and non-profit organizations. Contract financing bridges the crucial gap between securing a government contract and meeting its requirements by providing essential upfront capital, which is especially vital in the Central Valley where accessing traditional funding can be challenging.

BLACK Wellness & Prosperity Center, dedicated to improving health and economic outcomes for Black communities, recently secured a grant to expand their doula services program. However, the grant disbursement was contingent upon completing specific program milestones, leaving BWPC in need of immediate capital to proceed with their expansion. Access Plus Capital stepped in, providing a contract loan to cover initial expenses and operational costs. This support enabled BWPC to successfully expand their program, reach more community members, and provide essential services.

At the event, Access Plus Capital presented a $350,000 check to the BLACK Wellness & Prosperity Center, highlighting their commitment to supporting small businesses, nonprofits, and the health and well-being of Black mothers and babies. We extend the deepest gratitude to Access Plus Capital for their ongoing support and dedication to equitable community investment!

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